Kitesurf for beginners: tips to get started

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Kitesurfing has to be one of the coolest sports you can do on water, but how do you get started in the first place? Where can you learn, how much do lessons cost, and how long does it take?


What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a wind-powered watersport that uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water. Despite the name, it doesn’t have to involve wave surfing – kitesurfing can be done on mirror-flat lagoons, as well as in choppy seas or big waves. All you need is wind and water.

There’s a lot of fun and progression to be had with kitesurfing. Once you've mastered the basics of riding along and staying upwind, you can start going faster, jumping, doing freestyle tricks, riding waves or going on long ‘downwinders’ along the coast.

What skills do you need to get started?

Most beginners are completely new to boardsports, watersports and kite-flying, so lessons start from scratch. Many have never flown a kite or done another watersport in their life. Some have never even put on a wetsuit. For safety reasons, you should be comfortable swimming in open water.

How fit do you need to be?

You don’t need to be super-fit to kitesurf. And the kit is lightweight, so you don’t need lots of muscle-strength either. However, a general level of fitness will help you progress faster, give you more stamina on the water and help you avoid injuries.

Do you need lessons?

Yes. Any kitesurfer who respects the sport will agree that beginner lessons are essential. As well as getting you up and riding as soon as possible, a good instructor will furnish you with essential safety know-how and procedures. Without this knowledge, you’re a danger to yourself and everyone else on the water and beach.

Where can you get lessons?

At Fly With Kitesurf we will help you to learn the most amazing sport ever. Do you want to learn to fly? This is the place! What else is better than a team passionate about kitesurf? Nothing! So pack your good vibes and feel the adrenaline with us. Are you ready?

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